Richardson is on the rise and in the City’s historic downtown a curated mixed-use experience unfolds at Belt & Main. The reinvigoration of the City’s Core District begins at the doorstep of our development with sophisticated apartment homes, boutique retail, destination restaurants, open-air amenities, enhanced meeting space and more. As an effortlessly pedestrian-friendly community for all to explore, residents and visitors alike will enjoy easy-to-navigate streetscapes that give way to beautiful outdoor spaces featuring a community urban park with places for dog lovers, groups and individuals – all on the very spot the City was founded.

Floor Plans

Designed with life in mind.

Main street exterior

Refined living.

Rich history and modern amenities blend together in Richardson’s Core District, providing an ideal urban living experience for residents. Belt & Main’s pedestrian-friendly nature encourages an instant and activated lifestyle, with restaurants, businesses and wellness options abound in this energized community.

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Life in refreshed Richardson.

Our Neighborhood

Belt & Main’s location within Richardson’s Core District — as well as its proximity to North Central Expressway, Interstate 635 and all areas of the Metroplex — offers residents convenient access to restaurants, retail, businesses and wellness options abound. This reenergized community is brimming with innovative and fresh concepts as well as established and familiar destinations.

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    Belt & Main Residences, Restaurants and Shops
  • 1
    Staycation Coffee
  • 2
    Aboca’s Italian Grill
  • 3
    Ricky’s Hot Chicken
  • 4
    Burger Street
  • 5
  • 6
    Masami Japanese Sushi
  • 7
    Chase Bank Building
  • 8
    Communion Coffee & Co-working
  • 9
    Greenville Avenue Pizza
  • 10
    Spring Creek Barbeque
  • 11
    Afrah Mediterranean
  • 12
    Tavern on Main Street
  • 13
    Alamo Draft House
  • 14
    Okaeri Cafe
  • 15
    Genroku Sushi & Grill
  • 16
    Madina Restaurant
  • 17
    Del’s Charcoal Burgers
  • 18
    Keren Bar & Restaurant
  • 19
    Kirin Court
  • 20
    Interurban Bar N Grill
  • 21
    First Emperor Chinese Restaurant
  • 22
    Newgopal Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 23
    First Chinese BBQ – Richardson
  • 24
    Boba Latte
  • 25
    Fratello Pizza & Grill Halal
  • 26
    Sweet Stop Dallas
  • 27
    Partenope Ristorante
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